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Revolutionizing Utility-Solar


Maestro is where artificial intelligence meets big solar farms. Our technology is based on our patent application covering PROPPS (Proportional Reactive Optimizing PV Power Switch System) consisting of hardware and software configured to enable the automated, artificial intelligence driven, switching of series and parallel connections of PV solar panel strings in a solar array. In today’s PV Plant marketplace these connections are hardwired in a fixed configuration and offer no opportunity for altering the series/parallel configuration to optimize performance. ​The opportunity is to manage the ‘configured’ output voltage produced by a set of PV strings so that it is optimal for the operation of the standard PV inverter. This allows the inverter to be ‘on’ and operate at peak efficiency and efficacy (given the array’s instantaneous power output) during all daylight hours, (first dawn to late dusk, and all viable daylight periods in between) thereby maximizing instantaneous electrical yield, ultimately approaching theoretical maximum yield at that moment. ​Maestro represents a paradigm shift in the design and management of PV solar installations.


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